Apple Turnovers

* * *  A P P L E    T U R N O V E R S  * * *

Basically, apple turnovers is just like the traditional apple pie in common.

The difference is in its presentation.

So, what is “turnover” all about?

Turnover is a kind of pastry made by placing filling on a piece of dough , folding the dough over and sealing it, similar to a sandwich.

And off course, the filling would be the buttery apples mixed with brown sugar and cinnamons.

Want some?

(Rp 7,500,- per piece | To order, please place the amount in multiples of 4, e.g. 4, 8, 12, 16 and so on…)  

Crecent Cheese Cookies

* * *    C R E C E N T   C H E E S E   C O O K I E S    * * *

In Indonesia, this cookie is so-called “Putri Salju” or snow-white princess if it’s translated to English.

It’s kinda awkward hearing the name after it coz it really doesn’t describe the snow-white princess imagined so far.

Anyway, apart from the awkward Indonesian name, this cookie is unlike the others Putri Salju as it is not only sugary, yet cheesy flavoured too!

(Rp 81,000,- per 500 grams or Rp 41,000,- per 250 grams)

Ananas Tart Cheese


* * *  A N A N A S   T A R T   C H E E S E  * * *

Ananas tart or also known as “Nastar” in Indonesia is also one of the most favourite cookies during “Lebaran” or Eid ud-Fitr.

It’s buttery and filled with handmade pineapple jam.

What’s make it different is it is enriched with cheese. 

What a combination…  

(Rp 81,000,- per 500 grams or Rp 41,000,- per 250 grams)

Cappuccino Oat Cookies


* * *  C A P P U C C I N O   O A T   C O O K I E S  * * *

Ssshh..did you know?

There’s a new way to enjoy cappuccino while having oat for your breakfast.

Cappuccino oat cookies give you both, one at a time! 

Not just that, there’s the chocolate taste too…

(Rp 69,000,- per 500 grams or Rp 35,000,- per 250 grams) 



* * *  K A A S T E N G E L S  * * *

One of the most famous cookies during Eid ul Fitr in Indonesia, this kaastengels are made of Jong Gouda cheese (or young Gouda cheese) originated from Holland, bitten butter and egg yolks, some flours and sprinkled with grated cheddar cheese.

(Rp 81,000,- per 500 grams or Rp 41,000,- per 250 grams)